Residential Vertical Tower Gardens

Residential Vertical Tower Gardens

How Tower Garden Works

Because there’s no dirt, there’s also no digging or weeding. Plus, you don’t have to worry about ground pests or contaminated soil. And did we mention Tower Garden’s vertical design uses 90% less space? That means you can grow food in some pretty interesting places.

Tower Garden will arrive at your doorstep with seeds, nutrients, supplies—everything you need to get growing. After about 20–25 minutes of minimal setup, here’s how your Tower Garden will function. Learn more about Tower Gardens …

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Residential Benifits

  • Convenience
  • Quality of towers
  • Ease of use
  • Latest technology
  • Tight Internet community
  • Use anywhere
  • Fresh quality vegetables
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable
  • Health, nutrition
  • Steady supply of quality seedlings

Grow for profit. Build your community. Take control of your food.
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