Gary & Trish Hughes, Healthy Living Advocates & Urban Farmers

tower garden
Gary & Trish Hughes
A few years ago not many people – including us – had heard of the term Urban Farm. But once we learned how healthy and easy it is to grow vegetables and herbs in the vertical gardening system known as Tower Garden – we were hooked!

Today we are getting emails and calls from people, near and far, who want to learn how to start their own urban farm and we are excited to answer their questions and hear about their vision for a farm.

WNC Urban Farms was born out of our passion to live a healthier life and share what we have learned during this amazing journey with everyone. We are part of a growing community of people who are passionate about the health of all people and our planet, and we believe it all starts with the food we eat.

Our journey started 5 years ago when friends cared enough to share a way for us to get healthy. The timing was perfect and as Gary says it was a turning point that not only was health-changing, but he believes also life-saving.

Along that journey we were introduced to a vertical, aeroponic growing system known as Tower Garden, and that was all it took! We started growing in one on our front deck and BAM! During that first season we were both amazed at how delicious the produce we were growing tasted and even smelled.

It definitely brought back our childhood memories of the culinary creations of our grandparent’s homegrown gardens. Mine being first in New York and then South Florida. I can remember basil, parsley, tomatoes, and hot peppers being grown in containers on the patio. Gary spent many summers at his grandparents home in Shelbyville, Indiana exploring, watching, and helping his grandfather in the garden.

Fast forward 40 something years and what was observed first as a child and then the experience of us growing in our first Tower Garden on the deck turned into WNC Urban Farms.
aeroponic growing system
Our mission is simple….We decided to share this amazing concept to empower people near and far to feed their families local, nutrient dense food that can be grown as close as outside their front door or from a local Urban Farm in their area. We want people to know that they are not only changing the health of generations to come, but also participating in the sustainability of our planet for those generations.

Health and Happiness,

Gary and Trish